Cooler O'Neill

We've dropped a few hints here and there about a super exciting new project we’re working on. Well, the wait is over! We proudly present our new Cooler x O’Neill ambassadors Dasha Love, Jess Piper, Maria Pizzeria and Suzi Kemp.

Dasha and Maria have graced our (virtual and print) pages as interns, photographers, online gurus and multiple other things the new breed of creative multi-taskers call themselves these days many times. Jess designs Man Up Girl!, one of the most exciting new skate inspired labels around and Suzi is a ridiculously talented illustrator who’s previously worked with the likes of Heroin skateboards and i-D online.

But whatever they do, we promise it’s seriously worth checking out.

Dasha, Jess, Maria and Suzi will be a major part of our site, blogging about their latest projects, sharing their inspirations on our instagram, checking out the latest O’Neill products for you and starring in home-made phone video edits (turned into urban avant-garde master pieces with the help of Maria’s famous gifs hopefully).

We stole a few shots from their facebook pages to show you what the new ambassadors look like for now, huuuuge shoot with them coming up in the new issue (out April 30).

DASHA LOVE, photographer

dasha O'NEILL

Here is Dasha's site,, and this is her tumblr,, plus she sometimes models in Japan too...

JESS PIPER, designer

jess x o'neill

Jess's label MAN UP GIRL!:

MARIA PIZZERIA, photographer/stylist/model/blogger/illustrator/web designer/gif maker

maria O'NEILL

Here's Maria's portfolio, and this is her super popular blog,

SUZI KEMP, illustrator

suzi O'NEILL

Make sure you check out Suzi's website, and her tumblr,

That should keep you inspired for a while... Much more to come. Soon.