dasha love psychedelic

We've recently stumbled upon some of Dasha's more experimental stuff on her website. Turns out it's some pictures she took three years ago, and processed using a secret technique she's revisiting at the moment. She's not shooting flowers this time but boys... We caught up with our Cooler x O'Neill ambassador to chat old school cameras, shooting friends and the 90s.

Photography by Dasha Love, interview by Britta Burger

When did you shoot the flower pictures and why have you decided to use a similar technique for a shoot with a male model?

I shot the flowers about three years ago. I think the colour change is so intense that it works best with simple subject matters.

Can you tell us about the technique you used for these images? Or is it a total secret?

Kind of at the moment :)

dasha love psychedelic

What mood were you trying to achieve?


Do you like experimenting with film?

Yeah, it's a bit expensive though.

Would it be possible do get the same effect using photoshop?

Probably, but I like the lack of control the most.

Do you have lots of old film cameras?

I have a few, I used to really like getting different old cameras and trying them out, but they often have defects, and are designed for crazy old formats of film. I bought a really cool Canon camera last winter that I am very happy with, it's from 91 and one of the last good film cameras manufactured by Canon.

Do you generally prefer shooting analogue?

I do because I am fascinated with the process, how to take or print a picture in the darkroom, all you need is a ray of light and a light sensitive surface.

dasha love psychedelic

You seem to do a lot of street casting, do you prefer shooting friends to shooting professional models?

I used to only like shooting friends before, it happens that quite a few of my friends actually model, or I become friends with models. I am always excited to meet someone, and for shoots for me it's just important to find the right person. A photo shoot is often the (hard) work of quite a few people, but I really think the model is very important.

Do you prefer shooting boys or girls?

I think girls are cool to shoot because I am a girl, boys are more fun to hang out with at the shoot so I guess I like to photograph both.

Is shooting boys different from shooting girls?

Yeah, most boys just dont care, which is very cool.

dasha love psychedelic

Why do you think 90s grunge style has been so popular for the last few years and doesn't seem to go away any time soon?

I think people who were children in the 90s now feel like wearing 90s stuff as adults.

What advice have you got for someone who wants to start playing around with experimental analogue techniques?

Try different films and formats, I had a Lomo 6 by 6 ages ago, the pictures didn't ever come out right because it was broken, but it was really fun!

dasha love psychedelic