Hi again!

Soo, I'm writing this post from my hometown, Katrineholm in Sweden. I was born and raised here but I've always been longing to move and explore something else! But you know, it's always important to take care of your roots. So I thought I could dedicate this post to how I've been moving around the last few years meeting amazing people that have influenced and motivated me so much. When I think about all these amazing people I know and miss, I'm almost about to cry... Well well here we go!

This is the biggest diamond in my life, but yet tiniest in shape:


My baby bro Lukman. He is 10 years younger than me, so 11 years old! Crazy into sports and TV. games and loves to read and what I've heard he's really popular with the girls at school.. oh well, I can see why:


In 2010 I started Uni, I did Digital Media at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden. At Hyper Island you work in groups so much, it was crazy! This is the best group I've ever been in. We called ourselves Birthday! As a part of uni I moved to London to intern, and this is my London family:


Pontus, my best friend and best flat mate in the world!


Can you spot Pontus? This is me and my Portugese family at New Year's eve! The guy in the cap makes my heart beat really fast and he's one of the most meaningful people in my life right now...


This is the guy! Mr Phomer, one day we're gonna be big in Japan. Just so you know! Phomer inspires me every day and always supports me with my crazy ideas. And he does the best burgers in town!

Soo... this has become pretty personal... please take care of all your lovelies around you and they will take care of you when it's needed.

x Maria Pizzeria