Right now I'm working on some cute animations for my new crazy COOLER x O'NEILL video! One of my dreams is to become a professional GIF creator!

Here are my 14 favs so far from my collection. Once again I find it hard to put them in an order so this order is totally random!

But this has to be one of my fav gif ever!

For a Lazy Oaf competition that I won!

Back stage photos for designer for Charlie May.


Some 3D at London Fashion Week.

Lazy Oaf x Batman collection:

A pink creature I did by hand and scanned in frame by frame:

Lazy Oaf AW12:

Lazy Oaf Kapow Leggings
Lazy Oaf Apple Embroidery Sweatshirt

A pizza slice ofc:

My fav clutch by Joanna Pybus:

and a pair of JuJus! :

and this one is quite funny, by Lazy Oaf :

Which one is your fave?

x Maria Pizzeria