Hi there! First I thought I'd do a post dedicated to only 10 outfits I really really love. But it's impossible. I can't really come up with specific collections or outfits or designers I totally adore. For me, I get more inspired by a person I really like and then what they wear. So these are my style inspirations from the 90s til today and possibly the rest of my life!

Also this is not in any specific order just so you know.

First up is Emma Spice, everything I couldn't be:


Need that "Girl Power" Tee and that "BABY" Necklace...

Azealia Banks, thug baby girl...:


I love how Azelia mixes different materials and the cat outfit by Sorapol is super amazing..


Image Credit: Mark Christie on Flickr

DJ style

This is how I want to look like when I get married:



This is the best thing I've ever seen on ASOS, outfit by Mr. Gugu & Miss Go:

burgers nfries

One big inspiration for me is the Swedish, London based Arvida Byström,

As you might have noticed I totally love pink and sporty:


Monkinodraw, my favourite blogger:


Sailor Moon:


My favourite combination right now: Double D tee from Skateboard Café, Rockwell snapback and red lipstick in my new garden! Woop!


Hope you got a bit inspired too now!

xx Maria