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Illustrator and Cooler x O'Neill ambassador Suzi Kemp has a hidden talent...

This week I decided to write about playing the drums, and my music inspirations. I like lots of other genres of music, but when it comes to playing the drums I've always been inspired by super-easy but fast and loud punk beats! I decided to learn the drums when I was still at school, but that can be pretty pricey - luckily we had a group lesson which I did with two of my best pals. Eventually I got my own kit, and lessons from a new teacher Kate, who is the drummer in a female Ramones cover band. My main inspiration then was definitely The Distillers - Sing Sing Death House is probably my favourite album of all time. The band influenced me both musically and artistically too. I'll eternally get misty eyed over old English fonts and cut-and-paste artwork.

suzi kemp the distillers

Talking of band inspirations, more recently I had the privilege of attending a screening of Hit So Hard, a documentary around Hole drummer Patty Schemel. It's a super inspiring film about being a female drummer (and walking dogs - my other favourite hobby). I'd recommend watching it whether you are into Hole or not. Patty is an inspiration, and I was lucky to meet her afterwards and get an autograph and photo. Here is a photo of my little signed ticket stub!

suzi kemp patty schemel

These days I practise with my new band in a garage in Brixton, it's early days and super-fun, that's the main thing. Practicing in the heatwave this month was an experience too - that's a photo of me looking determined behind the kit. Thanks for reading, if you are in a band link me on Twitter, I'd love to hear!

suzi kemp drums