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Every hair company in the western world has tried to bottle the beach hair look - but in reality? You can only get that sought after salty look by actually getting in the sea.

10 Stunning Beaches You Won’t Believe Are In The UK

Yes, crinkled blonde locks look ace - but isn't just blonde ladies that have the best beach hair.

Check out the women that have got it nailed...

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Beach Hair 18 P Tumblr

Rockin' the big hair on the beach - we love it!

Beach Hair 1 P guestofaguest

Classic blonder with a feather on top.

Beach Hair 9 P Tumblr

That length...

Beach Hair 7 P Tumblr

Ideal for when your hair is sticking in your mouth.

Beach Hair 5 P Tumblr

If only we were better at braiding our own hair...

Beach Hair 6 P India Westbrooks

Nothing better than natural curls.

Beach Hair 4 P Tumblr

Golden blonde, texture like sun.

Beach Hair 16 P Her View From Home

Practical and stylish - we like this women's approach.

Beach Hair 11 Photo Tumblr

It might take a bit of effort to do - but man this braid looks pretty.

Beach Hair 13 P Tumblr

Perfect crinkles.

Beach Hair 8 P Tumblr

Not that we'd advocate taking starfish out of the sea - you can buy toy ones, people - but this is a unique way to tie up your hair.

Beach Hair 3 P Pinterest

Totally rad 'fro.

Beach Hair 12 P Pinterest

Top knot never looked so good.

Beach Hair 17 P Free People

Swap bleached blonde for dirty blonde...

Beach Hair 14 P The Beauty Mark Girls

Half up, half down - the hairstyle of 2015.

Beach Hair 10 P Pinterest

Oh, to have locks like this...

Beach Hair Featured Image

Because beach hair comes in all colours....