We've long loved Cornish surf and stoke brand Finisterre, because their clothes work and their values are sound.

We also like their ambassadors which include Irish big wave charger and actual world changer [read this piece on her starting a surf revolution in Iran if you don't believe us!] Easkey Britton:


And Sophie Hellyer one of the raddest and funnest surfers you're ever likely to meet, pulling a good side Blue Steel face below, we might add:


Finisterre has always made good kit for surfers who live in cold countries like ours and like to surf all year around but now they've launched a specific line for it called CWS, as in yep you guessed it Cold Water Surfing.

Here are some of the women's specific highlights, plus the Parka at the top. Like like like like. For more head to Finisterre


Read our interview with the Finisterre trading manager HERE

And for the ultimate cold water surf inspiration watch North of the Sun, it's honestly so good. Here's the trailer and you can buy it here:

And Cradle of Storms which is showing at this week's London Surf Film Festival