stuck indoors 72

words by Becca Allen

I have many illustrators, designers and artists who I admire but one of my favourites is Sophie Alda. I had the pleasure of featuring her in the magazine I used to work at and ever since I find myself continuously going back to her website to see what crazy and dreamlike paintings she has conjured up.

grope bally 72

I cant take my eyes off of her pastel shades and beautifully ugly characters. Her surreal style helps me to daydream and think of a world away from the chaotic work stresses.

heavy brains 72

I would like to think one day when I make my millions (or more realistically thousands) I can get a place of my own and commission Sophie to cover my walls in her work, it will go perfectly with all the pastel hues of my crazy pot collection.

n s t 1 72

You can check out Sophie's large collection of work here