illo becca allen

It's been kind of a crazy week and the hours and days are blurring as I type this. I have lost track of what time it is and making a coffee at 1am is becoming the norm.

I know I work A LOT and anyone who knows me will tell you I am a slave to my career, it's only when you start boiling the kettle with no water in it and putting your clothes on inside out that you need to give yourself a break!


I don't have too much to report on thanks to the above but I am glad I got smashed at an Irish wedding last week with some of my besties including the beautiful bride! Taking three days off was well needed. I have been contributing to the work load by accepting freelance work. It is so hard for me to turn down work that I enjoy especially when it gives me the opportunity to break away from the world of techpacks and endless emails.

Last week I had a lovely surprise turn up in the post, beautifully designed Benzanoe Magazine Issue 65, check out the lovely video.

Three years ago I was asked to contribute with an illustration for the back cover of the magazine, the theme was " The future is only present hope". I illustrated a wooden tipi symbolising the most basic of constructions for a home. "To want nothing more than a roof over our heads" was my take. At the time of illustrating I was living and interning in North London surviving of pennies, housing benefits and cereal. I was grateful for the opportunity I had and as long as I had a roof over my head and security I was ok. I had actually forgotten I had done this illustration until the video edit popped up in my inbox… Here's a little screenshot:

becca allen illustration

The magazine was put together by Dion Star and the 1st year graphic design students at Falmouth University over a period of 3 days. You can read more about it on the website.

I have also done a few spot illustrations for the latest issue of Computer Arts Magazine issue 213. I love doing these small spot illustrations, I have another one I need to crack on with this weekend, it's going to be 22 degrees here in Innsbruck on Sunday so I will have to juggle sunbathing and work!

illo becca allen
illo becca allen