How awesome is this dress?!

For any bohemian ladies tying the knot, finding a dress that is more chic than hippy chic is pretty damn hard.

But not anymore...

Boho brides rejoice! Free People has finally released a bridal range.

People have been saying for years that this should happen and it seems the company finally heard and agreed!

It's like someone went inside our brains and designed our perfect wedding dress

Ever After is a collaboration between the clothing company and Australian company Grace Loves Lace.

It's everything you want in a free-spirited wedding outfit. Romantic, magical and whimsical, it's like someone went inside our brains and designed our perfect dress.


The collection doesn't only include dresses, but also body chains, crowns, anklets and more.

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These dresses are exclusive only to Free People and range from £400 to £2,600, but be quick, the collection is limited and won't be around forever.

FPEverAfter 7
FPEverAfter 3

Check out the full collection here, as well as Grace Loves Lace's own lines here.

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Once you've got the dress, you've just got to find that perfect beach/ field/ cliff top to get hitched on!

Free People Ever After