It's the end of the month, which means payday!

Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself a little bit and there's nothing better to get yourself than a really special piece of jewellery that's exactly you're style!

We've been seeing some really awesome jewellery designer's around recently that are inspired by the beauty around them on land, sea and in the sky.

These collections really capture the magical and unpredictable feel of nature and the outdoors and channel it into some rad pieces of jewellery.

From secret lockets to captured wishes, you're sure to fall in love at least one thing in this article.

We are totally head over heels for Soul Mantras "Where the Forest Meets the Sea" necklaces.

This brass locket holds a secret hand written message from me to you and a selection of sea glass the creator found at North Beach in Port Townsend.

Other pieces in the collection are engraved with little quotes and messages and hold their own secrets for you to find.

This is as close to a magic necklace as anything we've ever found...


Inspired by Polaris, the guide for explorers under northern skies since ancient times, this necklace is not only super beautiful, its also a fully working compass!

As if that wasn't enough to make us fall for this Suunto piece, turn it around to see the stars of the Nordic sky engraved onto its back.

This is ideal for anyone with a love of the outdoors, a sense of wanderlust and appreciation of all things beautiful.


Long Lost Jewellery was founded by Phyliss Nelson, inspired by her coastal life.

The collections are made up of one of a kind pieces and use sustainable materials and recyclable packages.

Nelson wanted to combine her love of the coast and vintage to create something really special and new.

Looking through the intricate pieces in the collection, we think she's outdone herself...


Wishes On The Wind is the smallest of our jewellery brands in this list, but we loved these pendants so much we had to include it.

All the jewellery made by the brand include with real flowers and inspired by nature.

Does anyone else remember blowing dandelion seeds into the wind and make a wish?

This glass globe containing real dandelion seeds looks super cool and adds a sense of whimsy to your look.

Nalu Beads

Nalu Beads have been around for a while, yet you see them on most surfer girls ankles summer after summer.

Around way before fashionable DIY bracelets on the high street today, Nalu girls have been creating their own beaded anklets and bracelets for years.

We used to love laying on the beach in summer, beading a new necklace after picking up a pack of these at the local surf shop.

Choose and colour or a theme and get creative making your perfect piece of jewellery every time you get dressed up.


Epic Wear has created this collection to look great with flip-flops and a bikini, while also creating memories of childhood summers.

The simplicity of this collection is super striking and we're all over the subtle messages in each piece.

This PaperBoat bracelet, with a matching necklace, makes us think of riverside August picnic and playing in streams all day long, but is still classy enough to carry off a night time outfit.

What more can you ask of a bracelet?


Julie Cohn Designs are known for their fantastically unique styles, but we think this collection is their best yet!

The company uses old-world casting techniques to create modern looks. Each piece is carved in wax by the designer, and finished by hand.

The collection is cast in ancient bronze and sterling silver, and combined with semi-precious stones.

If you're looking to buy someone a really special present but aren't taken by any jewellery offered by mainstream stores, this could be the answer!

This collection is both incredibly striking but also super unique in the attention to detail put into each piece.


There's something very Poseidon inspired about this cuff by Vanessa Mooney.

We love the mix of the turquoise howlite stone against the battered silver setting!

This piece would look great paired with messy hair, your faithful denim shorts, a baggy t shirt and long pendant necklace to add a boho vibe to your Friday night drink outfit.

The perfect statement piece to give another layer to your casual outfits.