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If you've got really into your yoga practice, the chances are you have a lot of yoga accessories.

Love Yoga? Here’s The Perfect Chill-Out Playlist For Practicing At Home

While yoga is not about the accessories or having fancy kit, sometimes it's nice to treat ourselves.

We've picked out the best yoga accessories we've found for your home. From a yoga mat holder to 'Om' bunting, you will be putting a few of these on your Christmas wish list for sure....

Om Bunting enduredesigns

Now that's pretty cute - if you're into the bunting thing.

Hindus believe that as creation began, consciousness took the form of the first vibration manifesting as sound 'Om'.

This bunting is made from reclaimed coffee bean bags. Pretty cool, eh?

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Eat Sleep Yoga Repeat hopealittle

We love this pillow - particularly the bright lettering. It's definitely one for your bedroom.

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Funky Yoga Door Mat

Just remind everyone that comes through your door - to breathe.

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Ginger Haze Wooden Om Incense Holder

This incense holder will hold three sticks - we think these colourful ones look great.

You can blend the smells of your favourite scents and cleanse your yoga space.

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Mandala Wall Decal IncredibleDecals

Decals are all the rage right now. They are big wall-mountable stickers that look great - and won't leave marks on the paint after you peel them off.

This mandala one is beautiful.

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Yoga Mat Holder YogaWares

How about this for fancy? You can install your very own yoga mat holder in your home.

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Keep Calm And Do Yoga Travel Mug DaisiesBoutiqueX

Coffee and tea lovers will go mad for this yoga-themed flask - with the classic 'Keep Calm' tagline.

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Japanese Mala Beads 8giftshop

This mala bead necklace is a traditional tool to help with meditation.

This turquoise colour is gorgeous. Read on how to use your mala beads here.

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Cat Yoga Pillow Shop Miss Ella

Love cats and yoga? Then you will want this cute pillow - with illustrations of cats in asanas.

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Yoga Lover Wood Sign svetulka

Just in case your friends didn't get the hint with the door mat, this bright yellow 'breathe' sign will look rad on your mantelpiece or windowsill.

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Yoga Stuff Strong Brown Bag SpudyAndCo

This might look like a giant brown paper bag (it actually is!) - but it's super strong and great for storing all your yoga gear when you're not using it.

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Yoga candles Corinne T Holistic

These candles are great because they are 100 per cent natural, made from soya wax and scented purely with essential oils in Brighton.

Light one before you practice and breathe in the sweet orange, grapefruit and frankincense scent.

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Hamsa Decal Sticket Laptop dadastickers

This is a cool way of decorating your laptop - embellish the outside with a hamsa decal.

Again they are easy to peel off and won't leave sticky marks.

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Buddha Pillow artmonydesigns

It's such a simple design - but it makes a really beautiful cushion. It's made using eco water-based blue ink and sparkles slightly in the light.

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Inhale Exhale Picture ColourMoon

This gorgeous simple print could be hung in your bedroom, kitchen or wherever you practice yoga.

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Yoga Block YogaWares

This decorative block will look great on any surface in your house. It's a good reminder to do what it says - be still.

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