Remember in Harry Potter when Nymphadora Tonks changed her hair colour to suit her mood and surroundings? We watched those scenes and secretly wished we too could go from brunette, to blonde, to blue and pink, whenever we fancy.

While the ability to click your fingers and change your hair to whatever colour you fancy might still be a while away, there’s just been a big jump made towards getting there.

Alchemist Lauren Bowker at awesome chemist company The Unseen has created a hair dye that changes between colours with temperature. Pretty exciting, ey?


Launched at London Fashion Week in association with Storm Models, the magical dye switches between colours when it comes into contact with different temperatures.

A carbon-based molecule in the dye undergoes a reversible reaction with itself, manipulating the bonds so that when they're above certain temperatures one of the molecules is more stable than the other, causing a reaction to take place. this makes it absorb light in a different way, causing it to appear a different colour - Awesome.

Amazingly, the colours creator says the dye is 'inspired by occult glamour – a spell cast on somebody to make them see something the spell-caster wishes them to see'.

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The best part about this dye is that its semi permeant and will come out around six washes.

Now you have no excuse not to try that awesome hair colour you've always dreamed of, but never had the nerve to do!