Snow Land, the final snow wear story of the season was inspired by pagan end of winter rites, when the ghosts of the darkest time of the year are chased away to welcome spring. But we obviously love winter, so it's more of a friendly farewell where five different photographers give us their personal interpretation of our 'snow monster' brief. Make sure you look at the gallery of the shoot (and a special unpublished Alex Sebley hairy snow monster shot at the end!!) in full screen mode. And continue reading for lots of behind the scenes an inspiration pictures...

Photography by Alex Sebley, Aza Shade, Britta Burger, David Richardson and Ellis Scott; Styling by Britta Burger

Some of our styling inspiration and accessories

Britta Burger wreath

David Richardson shooting in an abandoned (and now no longer existing) football stadium in South London

david richardson
david richardson

Shooting and prop making with Alex Sebley

alex sebley

surfdome dragon goggles

kaz hair