I guess you already know that I'm always trying to keep my mind busy and it's just getting crazier and crazier for each week but I can somehow feel that I'm getting things in the right direction.

I've always wanted to run my own magazine and finally it's happening. It feels like I've learned so much during these last few years of school and internships and loads of being a part of Cooler so it's gonna be so exciting to use my learnings for real!


SOCKER (means sugar in Swedish) is about mixing up different kind of people, styles and formats to give you a rare dose of inspiration.

To make every issue of SOCKER unique it will be a new theme set and new guest editors each time.


All the content (photos, illustrations, poems, texts, whatever really) in the magazine (that will be printed) will this time be about SUNDAYS, based on this moodboard:


Read More at: https://www.facebook.com/SockerMag


For messages or questions about submissions etc, holla at Sockermag@gmail.com!

xoxo Maria Pizzeria