Interview by Mia Kingsley

For this weeks ‘Mia Meets...’ I will be chatting to an extremely talented photographer who brings a world of wonders out of our dreams and into reality. At the age of just 20 Katie Eleanor is a wonder in her own right, creating work that is truly magical. We talk about her characters, how they become, whom she admires and what inspires her to delve into a mystical world of gothic darlings. Meet the lovely Katie Eleanor...


So how did you start taking photos?

I was around thirteen, and, as many have, began discovering young photographers on the Internet. As someone with a host of imaginary friends, I fell in love with the idea of being able to create a character in both an art piece and a piece of reality: the fusion of our world and another world in one spell.

Have you always been creative?

For as long as I can remember, yes. When I was seven I wrote a ‘series’ of ‘books’ about an exploring pride of talking lions; I remember my grandmother painting in our garden and I’d sit with her on the grass and try as well, I coloured her a picture of kingfishers flying over a pond that she framed on her living room wall until she passed away. I have always created characters, and I have always let them speak to me.

When was it that you decided this was what you wanted to do?

The idea grew slowly, but intoxicatingly; it is now fused into my spirit. I am not sure where I will end up, but I will forever create nonetheless.


It is currently the first seed, and by the time I die I hope it to be the most ancient of forests. It gives me purpose, it is my natural process.

Tell us about your style? Has it changed over the years? Or have you always known what you wanted to portray?

My style has, hopefully, grown a lot over the years. Maturing as I mature. My general vision has not shifted too far, once it was found, but the way I wish to portray it shifts everyday. I also used to work for a lot of commercial clients, creating very surface based things, I have stopped that recently; I just create what makes me happy.

Looking at your photography is like stepping into a dream like fantasyland, how do you come up with the scenarios?

I write my characters first, always, I give them time and they tell their tales to me.


Unfortunately I suffer from daily nightmares, and they lie in the realm of the least inspiring experiences. Although my characters are usually birthed somewhere in my daydreams, and we spend our days in each other’s worlds.

Tell us about the characters in your photography...

They all live in one world, but often realms apart from one another. Some live solitary, some live in their covens, some rule over their lands. One has broken fingers, while another has a broken heart. Some are birthed, some are grown.

What and who inspires you?

I am inspired by architecture, costume, and dance. Right now I am truly inspired by the spirits of my friends; my best friend Nicholas and I talk about creating everyday, which keeps me ever inspired and uplifted.


Sarah Moon, queen of my mind; every young artist with the intrigue to make wonders.

Tell us about the techniques you explore with your photography...

I like to paint, spill, burn and scratch (skin).

Film or digital?

I’ve created only with analogue for the last number of years; I like to work with a physical object.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 16.03.25

There is no single moment: although once I finished my book earlier this year, it was quite special to think years of writing and creating came together in a tangible object.

What would be your dream photo shoot? Anywhere, anyone, any year....

It would physically take place in the word my characters live, and I would travel around by boat, by air, by bare feet, and I would create with each faerie, queen, and cloud creature.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 16.07.53

Thank you so much Katie!! We cant wait to see what the future brings you :) To check out more of Katie’s work follow these links:

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