For everyone who hasn't seen our post about multi talented models last week, here's what we did in our current issue: We’re not against being really good at wearing clothes, walking up and down a runway and waiting for six hours until your makeup is done, as long as that’s not the meaning of your life. But for this issue we chose models who are probably too busy with their art/music/photography to even know what ‘smize’ means.

Second up is Dasha Love, you'll probably know her, she's our intern, but also so much more than that. She shot a lot of fashion and travel stories for us and modelled in a few of them. She actually did a very very cool beauty shoot just yesterday (where we were massively lucky her Russian is perfect, otherwise we'd have never found our non-English speaking model who was completely lost in the complicated maze of back streets that is East London). She skates and blogs too.

photography by Britta Burger