Women everywhere rejoice! Nike have listened to their audience and finally extended their clothes line to include plus sizes!

Launched today, the line includes more 200 items and will stock sizes up to 3X and bras up to 38E. From legging and t shirts, to bras, jackets, crop tops and more, this is one seriously covetable new season from the brand.

Should this have happened ages ago? Obviously. Are we super stoked it's happening now. 100 per cent!


Attention was drawn to the lack of plus size options available by the brand in the summer of 2016, when they posted the photo above on Instagram.

"Strong is the keyword for us, size doesn't matter."

While the image showed a willingness and aim to work towards bigger sizes in their active wear, followers pointed out that these sizes weren't actually available to customers.

The brand answered these messages at the time with a slight cryptic message which confirmed that bigger sizes were indeed on their way, but then no actual clothes materialised... until today!


There are many companies that need to catch up to Nike's thinking and Helen Bouches, Nike's vice president for Women's Apparel, commented on the company's stance saying; "Strong is the keyword for us, size doesn't matter."

Nike's move into making more plus size clothing is amazing not only because of the fact that it give more choice to women above standard high street sizes, but also because it has started making women feel bolder to ask for the same from other brands.

On social media, women are already tweeting and messaging rival brands like Adidas and Puma calling for a similar movement. Now Nike have stepped out and made the first move, it won't be long till everyone else follows!


Another jump to inclusion and generally forward thinking in women's athleticism under our belts!

Check out the awesome line here.