Nikita Heida Portait

For years, we've been wearing Nikita's colourful hoodies and quirky outerwear when we go snowboarding. But what happens when you start to... grow up?

As much as we love hoodies, when you begin to head into your late twenties and thirties, they just don't quite sit the same as they used to. Luckily, Nikita have a plan.

We sat down at ISPO 2015 to chat with Heida Birgisdottir, founder of Nikita, about where the brand is going next.

I’m trying to reach girls who buy Nikita and kind of feel like they’ve grown up...

"I like to evolve and develop my style," says Heida, who founded the brand back in the 1990s. Now, nearly twenty years on, Heida is still in charge of designing all the Nikita clothes we see today.

"Just like us, our customer has grown older and we need to grow with them," says Heida.

She's dressed in black leather with a Nikita sweater tucked under her jacket, an element from their upcoming street wear line for A/W 2015. It's all muted tones, chunky knits and floaty tie-dye style dresses.

New Nikita Collection

While the Heritage collection has a few new pieces added to the line, we're interested in the street wear, aimed at an older Nikita customer.

"We haven't really gone far from what we've always done," explains Heida. "This collection is more textured fabrics, light flowy fabrics for dresses and different patterns. We used to do bags and belts, but we've decided to narrow that down and just focus on street wear.

"I'm trying to reach girls who buy Nikita and kind of feel like they've grown up."

We couldn't agree more. As we browse through the racks of clothes, we found ourselves wanting to wear everything.

What's even more exciting is their new range of active wear. Sports bras with unusual straps, patterned leggings with a flash of colour, a really gorgeous looking gym tops.

Nikita Active Wear

"People are becoming more aware of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. A lot of snowboard girls do yoga or go running, so we wanted to make something for them. You can even use them as a base layer."

Like all of Nikita's collections, their clothing is both stylish and technical. "I wanted to make the active wear so you could use it even as a street piece, like the leggings, so it's not overly sporty."

While Nikita will still continue to push their Heritage collection - all the bright, colourful snowboard gear we know and love - it's great to see them branching into a more adult range street wear range, plus now we can rep those Nikita vibes down at the gym and in the yoga studio too!

Visit the Nikita website here - keep your eyes peeled this autumn for the new range