"What will they look like when you're 60?"

Anyone with a tattoo (or considering one) will have heard this phrase at some point.

Ink is forever and it's worth considering whether your tat will fade or stretch, or what your grandkids will think of massive moon and sun on your kneecaps...

On the other hand though, who says you'll lose any of your edgy style with age?!

If you love your tattoos now, the odds are you'll love them in 50 years too.

These rad portraits prove that tattoos can age just as well as the person who owns them.

We just hope that we're half as awesome as these dudes when we're picking up our pension.


We want this lady's side tat... and genes.


Nothing better than a swanky gentleman covered in tattoos...


It's official. Geometric tats never go out of style.


So they'll fade and stretch? We think this lady might disagree with you on that...


What do you want to be when your older? Just like everyone else, or hanging out with an awesome beard, showing off your designs...


We could not love this chick any more. Check out those stretchers...


We're thinking this could be the Arctic Monkey's frontman, give a few decades...


When you've put this much attention into your skin, why would you cover it up?!


Sleeve tats make a suit look 100 per cent cooler, at any age.


Cover up? Are you joking?!


Yup, we're feeling pretty stoked that we'll be rocking our tattoos in a couple of decades too.