Sometimes, a pair of bobbley old black leggings and faded ex boyfriends tee just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to threads to get down to some serious exercise in. O’Neill have answered the calling with their latest shit-hot venture, O’Neill 365. Shucks, we don’t want to just look hot whilst we’re in upside down lotus/kicking up sand on the beach with a morning run, it needs to be functional and work with our body. They’ve divided the debut line into 3 categories, ‘Action’, ‘Agility’, and ‘Forward’. Basically, you’ll be able to look good and work as hard as you normally do in your tired old trackies. In stores for Spring 2012, O’Neill 365 is a serious high-tech collection of water-repellent/anti-static, odor-resistant goodies (phew), including jumpers, shorts, soft trousers, jackets and sports bras. Shotgun the lot.

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