ZebraClub/Rankestrasse 5 - 6/10789 Berlin


interview by Sophie Eggs

When did the shop open?

We opened our shop, located in the middle of Berlin, in June 2003. Our online-shop followed a few weeks later.

What's the ethos behind it?

We don't want to follow any trends. We try to bring our customers the most perfect mix of streetwear and fashion. Like mixing up styles from the US with fashion from Scandinavia. Limited hi-top sneaker meets knitwear.

What events do you hold?

Working at the ZebraClub is like having a party every day ;) We're all into music, like hanging around, not just because of the business, but because we are a family. There are some events we're planning for the upcoming months, but let's keep them secret for now.

Which brands do you stock?

Every brand we sell is important, but to name a few: LRG, Supra, Sessun, Skunkfunk, Obey, Carhartt, Blutsgeschwister, Ucon, Vans, 2Two, Rules by Mary.

What trends are big for this summer?

Being yourself and loving life! Like always. But fashion-wise, you're allowed to wear what you like. Maybe it's not as colourful as the last summers, but that's okay. Keep it simple, add some accessories. Feeling good equals looking good.

What are the key pieces in the shop for this summer?

It's mostly about dresses. Kind of cute, kind of sexy. That's what the summer is all about.