Words by Mia Kingsley

For this week's Street Art update instead of finding an artist I found an inspiration of theirs. Kate Moss. Not only is she the queen of fashion, an icon of Britain (check out our icon story of her) & household name but it seems she is popular in the street art world too. Who would have guessed? Here are some pieces I found of Moss on walls...


The famous Supreme posters of Moss wearing a T-shirt of theirs has had some additions made, you prefer this street artist's version or the original?


A younger Moss is pasted up on a wall or two..


The image above is my favourite. But the same image of Moss has been used with some added text 'Rich girls will break your heart, poor girls will take your money' which I'm not too keen on however I do like the candy pink on acid green...


Top street artist Banksy's famous version of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe with a Moss twist


Mr Brainwash has a go at Moss too:


So I'm pretty sure there are more pieces out there but I think you got the message, Street Art with a dash of Kate Moss is a match made in graffiti fashion heaven!