Words by Mia Kingsley

I am always trying to find some cool female street artists and this week I have finally found one, Miss Van. Starting out in France in the 90s Miss Van has become extremely popular and well recognised for her sleepy eyed cute and sometimes naughty looking ladies. I even found some tattoo inspirations of her work! But the coolest images I came across were portraits of Miss Van as a young street artist doing her thing...


Loving that her outfit colours match her street art!


Super red plaits and cat eye makeup makes her one of the cutest street artists we have found! Here you can see she is painting with acrylic rather than sprays, which is the materials she started off with, when creating her candy coloured artwork.


Black shiny boots paired with trackies, rainbow colours and butterflies, instantly a hit!


Here standing next to her work striking a pose and donning those signature plaits


And lastly pink hair to match her pink haired character, oh and I can't not mention the bindi!

To see some of her more recent artwork and how her characters have developed check out her Facebook page