For all surfers, one of the trickiest parts of exploring the world’s waves is finding a good surfboard to ride.

Surfboard can prove more expensive travelling companions than yourself. However, no one wants to be shelling out at every stop just to be handed another foam-topped deadweight rental board.

The folks behind the company The Quiver saw this problem - and came up with an ingenious website to sort this issue out.


The idea is they help you locate locals before you arrive at your destination - who have surfboard you can borrow for a small fee.

We LOVE the community spirit of this idea, similar to the ‘sharing economy’ ethos of Airbnb and Uber - with surfers helping surfers the world over.


The New York-based company is also currently inviting renters to try out brand new sticks completely for free.

So you can now surf a great board wherever you are, meet fellow surfers and help the local surfing community. Plus The Quiver gives you the chance to make some money if anyone ever needs to borrow your board.

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