Surf Leggings Sarah Lee

Surf leggings are everywhere this summer.

Made from swimsuit material and not too hot in the sun, we think that surf leggings might be making it into our wardrobe this summer.

If You Love Roxy, Then You Won't Be Able To Resist Their New Bikini Range...

Salt Gypsy were one of the first brands to make leggings specifically for surfing.

They look awesome and have the added bonus of working as a type of rash vest for your legs - with sun protection to boot!

We've had a look and found our favourite styles out there at the moment...

Are you considering taking up the surf legging trend? Let us know in the comment box below.

Surf Leggings Salt Gypsy

Salt Gypsy were one of the first to make surf leggings - and they have got their collection down.

We love the striped pineapple style, along with the Fanta surf leggings as well.

What's even cooler about these leggings? They have an inner drawstring for a stay-put fit and internal pocket so you won't lose your key in the waves. Nifty!

Surf Leggings Roxy

Roxy brought out these awesome palm tree leggings pictured above - we can't stop staring at them.

We also love their Optic Nat Surf Leggings, from their new pop surf summer range.

Which ones to get? Decisions, decisions...

Seaa Surf Leggings

The Seea have gone further than just creating leggings for the water.

Their surf leggings claim to offer 'stylish sun protection for watersports, you can also saunter seamlessly between the beach, lunch, yoga, store errands and everything else in between.'

We are yet to test them out shopping and beach sauntering, but when they are this pretty, who could resist?

Surf Leggings Free People

Free People are not the first brand that would jump to our minds when looking for new surf gear.

However, it turns out, their Movement range is pretty awesome for surfing, running and yoga alike.

We love the surf leggings above and want to get them with the matching top.

Be warned when entering the site, you will lose some of your time (and probably your pennies) to it!

O'Neill Surf Leggings

O'Neil's take on the trend is slightly different to some other brands, through their adoption of a low slung waist and three quarter legs.

This is great for any who want to wear them away from the beach with a top as well as rocking them with a bikini.

These Aztec leggings look amazing on, we love the colours!

Billabong Surf Leggings

Calling them 'skinny sea legs', Billabong have also brought out a pretty impressive range of surf leggings for this summer.

The company claims that these leggings are even light enough to go for your morning run in.

You can go for colour, like the women above, or go for something simpler. We're big fans of this black option.