We had to do a double take this morning when looking at these awesome tattoo designs.

Spend festival season this year feeling a little more badass than usual

While we always think that girls who are covered in awesome, edgy and well designed tats look incredible, we've never had the guts to get any of those big statement designs ourselves.


These are just like the best geometric tats out there at the moment, but are really just a grown up of the transfers we wore as kids.


How cool would it be if you could transform yourself into the raddest tattooed chick for any occasion, but know that in a couple of days you'll be back to your normal un-inked self?

We think girls who are covered in awesome, well designed tats look incredible...

We want to have a go at the boldest designs (we're thinking big and obvious) just to see how it feels.


We especially love this range of 'designer' style looks and these colourful options.

Why not follow our lead and stock up on a few packs of designs from Tattly, then spend festival season this year feeling a little more badass than usual.


We just have to remember not to leave them on long enough to acquire any odd looking tan lines!