Trying to find the best women's rash vest on sale in the UK?

There's a lot of different decisions to make when looking online for a rash vest as well as when you're checking out your nearest surf shop.

Firstly, you need to make sure you get the right type to surf in the UK or abroad and then you have to figure out which type will work with your wetsuit and even your swimsuit underneath.

Do you want a long sleeved or short sleeved rash vest? Do you want a rash vest with a zip?

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Brands such as Billabong, Roxy and O'Neill have got some pretty awesome options for you to choose from, no matter what type of skin your looking for.

Here are our choice for the best women's rash vest on sale for UK surfers.


This women's rash vest from Rip Curl is part of the new range in collaboration with Alana Blanchard.

The capped sleeves are great for a casual surf look that still protects your from irritation.

The material provides amazing UV protection with a UPF 50+ rating.

We love the Aztec detail on the sleeves and the deep purple colour!


This women's rash vest, on sale from Reef has slightly longer sleeves, while still rocking a short sleeved style.

The short sleeve style of this rash vest is great for comfort under your wetsuit (although it does leave some odd tan lines if you wear it on its own!)

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The seam placement will make the rash vest super easy to move in, along with the 4-way stretch.


If you're looking for a long sleeved rash vest, you don't have to go for a technical and overly sporty style, check out this sleeved rash vest!

Seafolly is great for creating technically amazing surf clothing that still look awesome on.

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This tribal print is amazing and would look awesome in the line up.

Even better, the Nylon is amazingly fast drying!


We bet you hadn't even considered a cropped rash vest!

This awesome crop top rash vest from Roxy could easily pass as a summer t shirt away from the beach.

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Made from lightweight Nylon this is very much a summer rash vest, but for the hot days? It's a perfect way to not get too hot on the waves.

The material offers very high sun protection, but please remember to put lotion on your stomach!


Zip up rash vests aren't ideal for under a wetsuits, but as something to go over a swimsuit, they're ideal.

This zip up rash vest from SeaFolly has some serious Miami vibes, that we're really digging.

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The casual fit is still snug enough to give the warmth and protection you need from a good rash vest, while looking more jacket than swimwear.


This rash vest from O'Neill fits like a surfsuit, which is handy as surfsuits are one of this years big trends!

The rash vest is super easy to get on and the cut gives the suit loads of natural movement in the water.

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The flatstock stitching over the whole suit minimises any chafing in the water and the crew neck keeps the suit fairly watertight!


If you're after a good looking rash vest, this Dakine vest rash is a great choice!

We're not saying that the other rash vests aren't pretty, just that this one is especially good looking and could easily be worn down in the pub!

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It's not all about looks with this vest however, it has some pretty nifty features such as a second skin fit and built in support around the chest!

We especially love the racer back and pattern.


High necked rash vests might not look as casual on the beach, but if your going for comfort in the water, you cant get a much better fit for your wetsuit.

This high neck rash vest on sale by O'Neill will protect you from any irritation from your suit and looks awesome as well.

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It also has your back with full sun protection and a four way stretch to make it super comfortable to surf in!