All outdoorsy women want to do right by the environment and support companies that protect our precious planet.

However, sometimes it can be pretty tricky to find the right companies and really know which are the good guys.

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The type of products we buy teally does makes an impact and it's always worth putting a little more time into finding brands that make awesome beauty products that we want to give our hard earned dollar to.

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Price: £17.50

While trying to buy eco friendly is important in all beauty products, it's everyday use products that are the most important to get right.

Bryt is one of the good guys out there, so we use their super effective, natural day cream that's pumped full of plant antioxidants.

We love how it's great for active women as it sinks deep down into the lower layers of the skin and has a mattifying effect that keeps skin in check all day.

As an added bonus, it's also got an SPF15 to provide protection from UV rays and pollution too.

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Price: £11.47

We love collecting nail varnish, but we always forget that they too can be pretty bad for the planet!

Therefore, we're super happy that we've discovered this range of eco friendly polishes by Kure Bazaar.

This company was set up by a retired model after the birth of her son, as she became more aware of the harmful chemicals in the products in her beauty routine.

The nail polishes from the collection combine an eco-friendly composition made up of 85 per cent natural ingredients and are free of the harmful substances usually found in nail lacquers.

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Price: £3.69

One of the classic products in every ethical woman's bathroom cupboard, how could we not include Burt's Bees?

This lip balm is their oldest and still their most popular product.

The company is built on the philosophy of working for the greater good, combining people, profit and the planet to create a truly ethical brand and set an example for other companies to follow.

We have been using this lip balm to hit the beach and the waves every summer for years and will be for many more to come!

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Price: £11.30

Eco Bodhi is one of those companies that we love to hear about.

Set up in founder Kersten's kitchen, the brand is based on a passion for animal welfare, natural living, eco responsibility and a deep sense of frustration at the lack of available products.

Eco Bodhi's range of vegan & cruelty-free skincare products are all natural/organic and packaged in eco-friendly materials.

By buying these products, you know you're really investing in a company that's out to change the world.

We love their guilt and cruelty-free bug blocker, along with everything else on their site.

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Price: £10.99

This company was only founded in 2012, but has already bounded past many other older companies in its ecological and ethical practices.

Viola, Lani's founder, decided that she was fed up of the chemical laden products going in her hair and therefore decided to concoct her own natural products.

We are loving her tropical hair treatment, it makes you hair look insanely healthy and smells awesome!

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Price: £27.00

Have you heard of Jurique?

This awesome company's main goal in creating its products is to be mindful of the resources they use and minimise their impact on the earth.

They have their own environmental officer to oversee all business, recycle over 90 per cent of their materials (with an aim to increase that number over the next year) and constantly look for farming and packaging methods to improve their process for the planet.

Their range of sun care is some of the best out there, with this high protection sun screen winning this year's ELLE international beauty award for best sun care.

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Price: £12.50

The second of the Bryt products on this list, this cleanser is super light and fresh.

The facial cleanser comes with a muslin cloth mitt to give a deep cleanse, leaving the skin clean and refreshed.

Made with Apple extract, the cleanser is 100 per cent environmentally friendly and creates a gentle foam which is fun to use and highly effective.

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Price: £7.77

We always try and support the smaller businesses who still strive to be eco-friendly, despite their smaller budgets.

We have fallen in love with The Gnarly Whale's range of beach waves hair sprays.

All products are made to order with minimal ingredients and are human tested and completely vegan.

As well as being an awesome company for ol' Mother Nature, it also helps that the sprays themselves are some of the best out there, creating surfy waves without drying out your hair and coming in a range of fun scents.

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