Sometimes we get these random weird emails. Today we found a particularly alarming one from the research team behind UK high street giant Debenhams in our inbox. About fashion sins, no less, which is obviously something we don't believe in. But ever the professionals we did read the email and here is what we learnt. These are the TOP TEN WORST FASHION MISTAKES!

by Britta Burger

1. Socks with sandals - pretty much the worst combo in the history of fashion. Well, to dispell this myth, just take one quick look at the uber cool Rookie mag editorial Cooler x O'Neill ambassador Maria Pizzeria did with Arvida Bystrom, and some JUJU jellies.

juju jellies

2. Platforms for men - another no no, apparently... Not sure what super sweet and super stylish blogger Yu Masui, possibly our favourite fashion person who never fails to make us smile at London Fashion Week, has to say about this.


In 3rd place are low slung trousers. Errr, never heard of Alexander McQueen's famous ridiculously low bumster pants?


4. Velour tracksuits

Don't know, Missy Elliott always looked good in them...

missy elliott

5. Harems

Excuse me, MC Hammer's signature trousers are a faux pas?!

mc hammer pants

6. Crop tops

AMERICAN APPAREL would have to close before the end of the week if that was the case...

crop top

7. Bum bags

Really? Really?!? Even this super cool NIKITA one?

Nikita fanny pack

8. Shell suits

A full black ADIDAS one, as worn by RUN DMC, might well be our next fashion purchase. But who knows, maybe we have no idea what we are doing...

#unitealloriginals FW13 adidas run dmc

9. Trucker hats

We loved the one we shot for our True Grit story with Alex Sebley last season...

alex sebley

10. Scrunchies

Probably the hair accessory of the moment, as our very recent Pick of the Threads proves...