When hiking through forests in winter for hours, we always start to daydream about the home comforts that we're looking forward to getting back to.

A warm room, a fluffy rug and a warm fire sound like the dream when you're cold and wet in the outdoors. That and a good book to curl up with.

Well, if you hike in the forests in New York State, you might stumble onto all of those things, hidden in a little black box in the trees!

Design company Studio Padron have created a secret little library, hidden away in the oak trees....


This secluded library retreat is hidden in the woods of New York State and has been named the 'Hemmelig Rom', meaning 'secret room' in Norwegian.

The creators had to cut down some of the forest trees to make room for their little library, so make up for that fact they decided to build the 200 square meter cabin from the oak trees that were in the space before.

"The strategy for the cottage centered on preserving and transforming a material that would otherwise have become construction waste," says principal Brandon Padron.

Nice touch, ey?


Inside the cabin, you'll find a bed, an armchair, a desk, and a wood-burning stove. Basically, everything you need to cwtch up and enjoy a book, while looking out at the snow!

We're seriously interested in finding out which books have been chosen to line the walls of this cool little cabin!

If you want to try and find the cabin for yourself, your first place to look should probably be here....


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