Whether it's the start of the season or your week-long holiday, every skier and snowboarder has experienced dry flaky skin after a day on the slopes. Your skin is itchy, red and the cold only makes it worse, right?

Roxy have teamed up with skincare company Biotherm this season to produce the world's most remarkable neck warmers and jackets.

They have fleecy liners have a special moisturising formula built into the fabric. These nourishing micro capsules of apricot oil and shea butter keep your skin soft and protected while you ride.

Photo: Roxy

We love the idea that our jacket liner or buff could double up as a skincare product.

As was only right, we tested out the Lana neck warmer this weekend - and we can safely say it kept our skin smooth, plus it smells like a really lovely face cream.

The video below explains more about how it all works...

Fancy getting your hands on one of these jackets or snoods? Check out the whole collection on the Roxy website.

Photo: Roxy