Photo: Hydro Hammock

We all love relaxing in the garden, catching some rays... But this crazy invention just turned our summer days upside down.

It combines the style of a hammock with the all the pleasures of a hot tub!

Inventor and USA native, Benjamin Frederick has created the first gas heated hammock, which basically heats the water from your garden hose as you fill it up.

Awesome, right?!

Photo: Hydro Hammock

The Hydro Hammock can hold up to 50 gallons of water and 2 people at a time.

it can even be used in the snow!

It can be set up anywhere, from your back yard to a festival, not to mention it can even be used in the snow!

Imagine how popular you'd be if you rocked up to a campsite with one of these...

Photo: Hydro Hammock

All we know is, we want one!

Unfortunately we don't have a spare £766 lying around, but that wont stop us from daydreaming about getting one for the rest of the day...

Definitely one of the coolest gadgets on offer this summer!