Men have their “man caves", why don't women have a name for a rad space of our own?

"She Sheds" are one of the weirdest trends of 2015 and now are becoming the latest have to have, as women across the globe are sprucing up their old garden sheds into their own private dens!

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Once associated with garden tools and old junk, 'She Sheds' are giving the whole look a makeover, transforming these neglected wooden boxes into something of beauty.

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The point is to put a personal spin on the trend, from small, tranquil spaces to miniature houses at the bottom of the garden.

We're imagining making ourselves a workshop or a yoga studio

Whether you're into carpentry, painting or just kicking back with a book, that’s the thing about the She Shed, it can be whatever you want it to be!

We're imagining making ourselves a workshop or a yoga studio, all of our own!

Photo: Style Hunter Collective

With the warm summer weather on the way, we love how this bizarre trend is grabbing everyone’s attention.

So what are you waiting for, get building!