Anyone who is a regular Cooler reader, will already know that we love our colourful hair trends.

15 Badass Undercuts That Prove Shaved Heads Aren’t Just For The Boys

We went through the rainbow hair phase, onto the dip dye. We rocked pink hair through the summer, and even had a go at mermaid hair.

Now, we're falling for the idea of galaxy hair..


This new look involves dying you hair a blend of colours, to give a galaxy vibe to the whole head.

Spray some heavy duty silver glitter into your roots

You can either use three different tones of one colour for a more subtle look, or a pink, purple and blue for the full Medusa Cascade.

To make the look even more impressive, put all the colours up into a French plait, or spray some heavy duty silver glitter into your roots...


Either go to Halloween this year as the Milky Way, or rock the look till Christmas!

We can't wait to give this hair trend a whirl!