Photo: Luna Moon

Imagine having the moon in your house. Like a real model of the moon in all its celestial beauty.

If you're a bit of a space geek (like us), you will love this new crowd funder project.

Luna Moon want to make these amazing lamps that look exactly like a replica copy of the moon for your home.

Photo: Luna Moon

Whether you want one that is small enough to hold in your hand or big enough to hang from the ceiling, this moon lamp will light up your house with a warm celestial glow.

You can change the luminosity to make it glow as brightly as you like - plus it's water resistant and heat resistant.

The creators wanted to raise $40,000 USD to get the Luna project off the ground - but in just 24 days, they've gained over $370,000 worth of support. Unbelievable!

If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing lamps, you'd better get in there quick....

Photo: Luna Moon

Find out more about the Luna Moon project here