From Thick To Thin Clothing

Women's workout clothes are ridiculous.

The average women in the UK is a size 16. However, if you walk into any major fitness store, you'll find very little for that woman to buy, if anything at all.

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Graphic designer Andrea Kuchinski decided she was fed up of feeling like there was something wrong with her body, because of the lack of clothes available.

Instead of getting angry, she decided instead to make her own.


"I just needed a manufacturer who sold size XL in a tank at a wholesale price and a printer who would print smaller quantities," Andrea told website Women You Should Know. "I found it, and my first tank top was born."

When her top started compliments at the gym, Andrea decided to start selling her designs to make rad gym clothes accessible for every size. She named the company Thick To Thin.

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"As a plus-size individual, I wanted shirts that covered my stomach, shorts that were not uncomfortably short, and pants that did not roll down when I did a squat."

"My goal and mission is to remind all women that there is a place for them in both the retail world and the fitness world."

From Thick To Thin Clothing

We love this brand for its message and for its awesome designs.

It's great to see a sports brand that cares more about the women it caters for, than the profit it makes.

Find out more about the company and browse their badass workout clothes here.