There are some really amazing bikinis out this summer.

As well bringing the awesome prints, this year's collections have outdone themselves in designing new and unique shapes and styles.

While we were lusting after these bikinis online however, we got to wondering a couple of things.

What would these styles actually look like on a normal woman's body and more importantly, would they be able to handle a afternoon's swimming or even a wipe out and still protect our modesty?

We all know that one of the most annoying parts of getting ready for summer is the dreaded bikini shop, so we decided to do the hard bit for you and get a gang of women to test out the nicest bikinis out there.

Now you can walk into that shopping centre armed with some Cooler woman insider knowledge!

You're welcome!


Price: £69.98

I loved this bikini's mesh panels!

I don't usually wear bikinis with such a bold print and probably wouldn't have picked this one up if the print had been all over, but the mesh panels broke up the look and it looked awesome!

As a surfer I'm always buying safe and reliable bikinis that wont fall off in the sea, but really I want a really rad style to wear on the beach.

With this bikini I felt like I got both! I got quite a few comments on the beach on the style and when I was in the sea I didn't have to give the suit a second thought.

I'm a size 10 and while the bikini fit well, the mesh and straps aren't overly forgiving and I would have probably opted for the size up if I bought it again.

Best for… Someone looking for an edgier looking bikini that they can rely on in the waves.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Price: £39

This bikini has a 50's style vibe, with its balcony top and high waisted bottoms.

I loved the fact that the Hawaiian print clashed with the cut, making it look a little edgier than a traditional 1950's swimsuit would.

High waisted bottoms usually tend to cut me off weirdly around my middle, making me look frumpy, however the cut of these bottoms sat perfect just above my hips and actually made me tummy look flatter than usual!

I went swimming (and diving) in the suit and it stayed perfectly in place for the entire day, which was great!

The only problem I encountered was that for a size 10 bikini, the cups in the bikini top seemed quite big and I did have to be careful all day of bending over and flashing an unsuspecting person in front.

If you aren't in the little boobs crew however, this is a perfect bikini!

Best for… a pretty bikini that can handle activity, best for a C cup upwards

Rating: 4.5/5

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Price: £46.50

The print of this bikini is even better in real life and better still, the halter top is reversible, with a blue tie dye print on the other side.

The bikini was a size S and as a size 10 I was worried that it would be a little snug.

To my surprise however, the tie bottoms were a little loose and had to be tightened and the top was on the big side!

While the top was very secure and I loved how it looked, it offered very little support around the bust.

As an A-cup, this didn't bother me at all, however I imagine a bigger busted woman might have found it a problem.

I went to a city lido in this bikini and can honestly say I felt it stood out in the sea of different styles and looked really good.

When swimming it didn't slip at any point, but the small briefs felt a little precarious and I wouldn't choose them for any more strenuous activities.

Best for… Hot days on the beach with some light activity.

Rating: 4/5

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Price: £55

I probably wouldn't have picked this bikini up in a shop, but as soon as I put it on I liked it instantly.

I have quite pale skin and the print of this bikini complemented my skin tone really well (not a regular thing- normally all bikinis are made to go with a tan!)

The fit and style fit my body well and looked simple and pretty on, as well as very flattering.

You can tell that this is a make that makes clothes for sport. I did a good hours intense swimming in the suit and it felt well adapted and suited to this level of movement.

I'm definitely going to be putting this in my suitcase when I go on holiday at the end of the month, it might become a new favourite!

Best for… A pretty style, made for movement.

Rating: 4/5

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Price: £38

This bikini has one of the coolest prints I've seen in ages!

Putting the bikini on, the bottoms fit like a dream however the top felt odd and fitted weirdly, due to the padding in the cups.

When I went out in the suit, I did get a lot of complements on the style, especially the cross back- which does look amazing!

In the water however ,the top slid around quite a bit and I felt a little paranoid most of the time of checking that I wasn't flashing anyone!

A super nice bikini, I just wish the top was better fitted!

Best for… Looking good on the beach

Rating: 3/5

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Price: £50

This is a more athletic style bikini than what I would usually buy, even though I'm a surfer!

The colour and print won me around however, the colours look so nice on.

When on my board, I did feel the difference of having a crop top cut, it was so comfortable!

At the end of the day I saw pictures of myself in the bikini and a wetsuit and I'm now totally converted, it looks awesome!

Best for… Anyone who wants a good looking bikini for watersports

Rating: 4.5/5

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Price: £64.98

I have never worn leopard print before in my life, but when I put this bikini on I was sold, it looks rad!

Super bright and noticeable, I can't wait to wear this look with a tan.

The suit was well fitted and didn't feel like it was going to fall off at any point. When wet it also didn't change shape or size at all, something that I usually find with new swimsuits.

The only issue I found with the bikini was the 'Brazilian fit' briefs. As someone who definitely has an arse, I found that I was slightly uncomfortable with the cut of the bottoms and felt they drew attention to my bum!

Best for… Someone look for a bright and unique bikini

Rating: 4/5

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Price: £32

I've been eyeing up this style of bikini top for months, so was super excited to see how nice this suit was on.

The top looked just as good on as I hoped it would and the straps held everything in place perfectly.

The bottoms on the other hand were very tight. I'm a size 8 and I think I would have needed a size 12 to feel comfortable in them.

Apart from the issues with fit, the bikini performed nicely in the water, staying in one place with no accidents, even when I was jumping off a high diving board!

Lovely bikini- especially if you have a tiny bum!

Best for… Stylish yet active girls/ buying in a couple of sizes bigger than you need

Rating: 3.5/5

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