Price: £79.99 - £99.99

Stockist: Mosevic

If you're anything like us, then the minute the sun comes out you'll be shopping online and checking style blogs in search of this years new sunglasses. Our past glasses have been big and glamorous one year, traditional and square the next, mirrored and pink the year after, but never the same.

Sunglasses are a fun way to express your personality and style over the summer months. Our style pick for summer 2017 is both the most unusual design of sunglasses we've come across yet and the most ingenious. Mosevic sunglasses are made of old, worn denim, repurposed by the company's designers to create cool and unique frames.

Teaming you with Wranger, they take old jeans and jackets and recycle them though their clever sunglasses design.


Mosevic frames aren't just covered in denim, the frames themselves are built out of the it, with layers of denim pressed together and coated in specially selected resin.

Once the denim is formed to make a sold block, the frames are individually cut out in different styles. A stone washing process is then carefully carried out by hand to soften the feel and give each pair just the right distressed appearance.

"Both the most unusual sunglasses design we've come across yet and the most ingenious"


"Denim is an inherently tough fabric, it was first used as hard wearing workwear for gold miners in the Wild West" says Mosevic. "We infuse this rugged and iconic fabric with a carefully selected resin resulting in a composite material that is durable and flexible."

The result is a pair of sturdy and super comfortable frames, that made your summer dresses look more casual and add a whole new realm of possibility for coordinating your outfits.

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