The lovely Leah Dawson just sent over this heart warming clip, which came about as part of the Sea Appreciation Project and showcases a 9 year old girl's love for the ocean...

A short film from the point of view of my favorite little surfer, 9 year old Lily Richards.

Join 9 year old Lily Richards and her friend Honu the turtle, as they take our hearts into the Hawaiian sea. Filmmaker Leah Dawson collaborated with Lily to tell a story true from Lily's heart, giving her a canvas to share her endearing energy, incredible knowledge, her love of the sea, and remarkable musicality.

The song performed in the film was an improvisation by Lily and Leah on stage at the Kanikapila (Open Mic) Night at Surfer, The Bar at Turtle Bay Resort.

A Honu Experience - The Sea Appreciation Project by Leah Dawson