We're super stoked to announce that award winning photographer, multi-media artist and former Cooler intern Diane Sagnier has become famous since her work for us and entered a collaboration to design t-shirts for Billabong! Way to go girl!!

Her Diane Sagnier for Billabong tees will feature in the just released Summer 2013 range.

“Billabong has always been a brand that as a kid I loved," said Sagnier. “It has that surf and skate laidback style. It appeals to me as I always go for the natural feel and with my art am always looking for inner peace, inner beauty and inner comfort.

The Parisian was recently awarded the Prix Picto de la Jeune Photographie de Mode 2011 award (Picto Young Fashion Photographer Prize) and her use of photography, film and music, inspired by nature and light, represents both a new generation and a quest for a new, creative path.

She has previously collaborated with Billabong, filming and photographing the winter and summer ranges. The tees further cement an artistic partnership and feature actual photographs and self-portraits by Sagnier.

Through her imagery, the Diane Sagnier for Billabong tees captures her unique artistic style. “With all my photos, I like to go through all the emotion and the aesthetic of each image. I want them to be timeless and a play on colours, the weather and the light. I think this shows in the tees."

Diane Sagnier for Billabong