Check out this fun edit from the Greenskate longboard gathering in Cologne last weekend, filmed & edited by Austrian longboard crew NiSE!

We take a look at the Greenskate 2013 baby, imagine this, i go to the shop and everyone leaves! No one is here! You know the movie, what is it called?! It´s like a horror movie and people die... Woaweah, there´s just no one on the street. But you are not a Zombie?! Did you ever have sex on a longboard? Stop doing that idiot! Things like that are always funny, have fun and skate everything! Not just longboards, go skateboarding, it doesn´t matter, whatever! Yaa, i think so! Do you really, really need to do this?! You can do that. One thousand 800 million?!

Greenskate Cologne 2013