The Far N' High skate contest once again gathered some of the best female skaters of the world in Paris, where they held a contest that simply rocked. And as promised we had our very own fly on the walls down there, aka. Britain's first lady of skateboarding Jenna Selby, who brought back this fine edit showcasing all the highlights from last weekend, including some epic moves by Evelien Bouilliart and Eliana Sosco, as well as banger tricks by winners Pamela Rosa, Leticia Bufoni and Candy Jacobs of course.

But that's long not all, so keep your eyes peeled for an more in depth account of the action that went down coming up soon!

1st: Pamela Rosa (Brazil)

2nd: Leticia Bufoni (Brazil)

3rd: Candy Jacobs (Netherlands)

Highlights from Far N' High Girls Contest 2013