Yeah! The undisputed, outspoken queen of rails and latent sexuality is back with a brand new episode of #sexualwednesdays.

Katrina Nicole burst onto our screens last year and gained instant popularity with edits that, lets say, piqued the curiosity of male viewers with the name and some well timed screen shots, but were actually videos of her riding rails like a boss. And she's really good at jumping, too.

Katrina Post

While internet reactions weren't all entirely positive, Katrina has the same Don't Give a Shit attitude that reminds us of the likes of Desiree Melancon and Laura Hadar, and the negative crisicism clearly hasn't put her off one bit. In an interview with Dog Lotion, she states that her edits are all about having fun, and the haters are just taking it a bit too seriously, which is a pretty well rounded stance, especially coming from someone who has a PHD in Integrative Physiology (fact!).

On the plus side, the whole thing earned her a good few sponsors and the respect of many a man (and woman) from the tough crowd at NewSchoolers, and the internet in general.

Either way, whether you think she's empowering women or not, there's not denying that she's a super talented skier, and a genius with a piece of paper to prove it. This edit features some riding from Katrina's friend Brooke Potter, who, incidentally is also a rad skier. And if you've not seen them, click the left and right arrow keys to check out some more of Katrina's edits and get inspired!