The Aussie Billabong surfer and former Cooler cover star Laura Enever has a web series going on and this is the first episode I'm Laura: A New Beginning. The title helpfully telling us her name but perhaps also giving us a clue to a future career steer.

It features some nice Gold Coast surfing action but mostly goes heavy on the lifestyle tip. Plus it includes a slightly depressing comment from Kelly Slater who says at the recent ASP Surf Awards she should get an award for her "bottom turn" and we're guessing he wasn't talking about the manoeurve. I dunno it's difficult to criticise the big man, especially watching the recent clips of him at Cloudbreak but it's not exactly going to propel women's surfing forward is it and I think it's a little weird they included it in the clip but anyways hope you enjoy the vid.

For more Laura Enever check this early Pro Chat interview with her from the Cooler vaults