As a frequent visitor of this space you will remember the Lipstick Production crew's little end-of-season detour to the Monster Session in Davos a couple of weeks back. While we were already quite taken by Julia Baumgartner's behind the scenes edit, the official result of their stay there is even better - and deservedly bagged them the victory in MBM's video contest. And that's not just because they went on an off piste bikini ride...

Despite some bad luck, Julia dislocated her ellbow on the morning of the 2nd day, we still had some fun days. Thanks to an awesome crew and to MBM & Davos for hosting!!

Team: Eleonora Raggi - Lipstick Productions

Riders: Julia Baumgartner, Aline Bock & Conny Bleicher

Videographer/Edit: Balint Hambalko

Voice Over: Manuel Bernert

Music: National Switzerland Anthem - Hodeling, Sadside Project - Fairy Tales

Thanks to our sponsors: NIKITA, NITRO, ROXY, BLUE TOMATO, K2 Snowboarding

Lipstick Productions in Davos