Last year our friends at Rogue Skateboards had three new riders added to their team and thought there was no better way to help them get to know each other than organise a tour. So off they went!

It was a good plan in thought but perhaps October was not the wisest of choices weather wise!! Of course it turned out to be the coldest and wettest part of the year but putting a brave face on it the girls valiantly trouped out and we were able to capture enough footage to put a short edit together.

The riders were Dora Horvath, who absolutely smashed every park she set foot in, Georgina Winter, Claire Thompson - the youngest and one of the most promising female riders in the UK, and Caitlin Robinson Mawhood - another young ripper. The team were also joined by long time friend Emma Richardson, new face on the block (and one to watch!) Camilla Mullins and Kerri Dennis.

Rogue Goes Ridin' Tour 2012