[mpora_video id='7sEZRGjwW/'] We reported yesterday on Carissa Moore winning her first ever ASP Women's World Tour Title at the Roxy Pro and witnessed first hand how humbled she was by the victory and media scrum that followed, when Sally Fitzgibbons didn't make the final in Biarritz which gifted her victory.

And now Nike 6.0 have released this sweet tribute to Carissa, who at 18 is the youngest women's world champ ever and the first surfer to make every final in a season to win the world title.

Carissa had this to say at the Cotes Des Basques, "I dreamed of surfing at this level my whole life since I was a little kid and I don't think you can ever expect or anticipate the feeling. It is amazing. There is no place I would rather be right now."

The Nike 6.0 video is called "Take the Time" and includes some cute footage of her surfing as a kid, which also kinda explains how she became the ridiculously talented surfer she is today.