Ignore all the white stuff outside and switch on your inner Spring season, and if you need a little help to do so, here's a great tool to help: Amber Wing's latest project Sets In Motion, that we're super keen to check out. Since it's aiming to be "the most progressive film the sport has ever seen" and features not just one crew, one sponsor or even one discipline but rounds them all up to show you the best there is right now.

The project isn't to promote any one brand or any one athlete - it's meant to showcase the best that these world-class female athletes have to offer. The outcome, as you will see, is an all-female, multi-media project, filmed at locations around the globe, with the best women's wakeboarders exceeding even their own limits - both on and off the water. The idea is to inspire the current generation, along with future generations, by giving these women a platform to reach deep into their bag of tricks and demonstrate just how deep the talent well goes. The series will include the top women's athletes along with up-and-coming talents in a multiple webisode series format, filmed throughout the 2012/2013 season and packed with action and progression.


Video of the Week: Sets In Motion Teaser